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Orientation is a collaborative effort consisting of academic counselors, student leaders, and many student service staff members. While at orientation you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with fellow new students, their parents and/or guests, and faculty and staff on the expectations, transitions, and contemporary …

The Washington Center provides immersive internships and academic seminars in Washington, D.C. to students from hundreds of colleges and universities from across the U.S. and more than twenty-five countries.

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A nude mouse is a laboratory mouse from a strain with a genetic mutation that causes a deteriorated or absent thymus, resulting in an inhibited immune system due to a greatly reduced number of T cells.The phenotype (main outward appearance) of the mouse is a lack of body hair, which gives it the “nude” nickname. The nude mouse is valuable to …

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ACRL is pleased to announce the launch of the new Academic Library Impact Research Grants.The ACRL Board of Directors has allocated $20,000 in fiscal year 2018 to offer research grants of up to $3,000 each.

Academic > . Twofish. Twofish is a block cipher by Counterpane Labs, published in 1998. It was one of the five Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) finalists, and was not selected as AES.. Twofish has a 128-bit block size, a key size ranging from 128 to 256 bits, and is optimized for 32-bit CPUs.

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Gertrude Bell was a British writer, archaeologist and political officer best known for helping to establish modern Iraq after World War I. Gertrude Bell was born on July 14, 1868, in Durham, England. She studied history at Oxford and embarked on a career as a writer, traveler and archaeologist

At UCCS HealthCircle, we surround you with caring support and expert guidance to create lasting changes. Housed in the Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, UCCS HealthCircle is a unique and cutting-edge partnership that fuses the various mental and physical health services of UCCS to …

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Maintained by Academic Technology. Academic Technology supports and advances effective learning, teaching, scholarship, and community service with technology.

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Welcome to the official UC Davis Academic and Events Calendar.

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