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Strabismus is a condition in which binocular alignment is abnormal. Adult strabismus surgery seeks to restore/reconstruct normal ocular alignment. Indications for surgical intervention in adult strabismus include: 2. Visual Confusion. Strabismus in adults may also cause visual confusion, the

Comparison of all treatment options for conditions such as, Esotropia, Exotropia and other forms of Strabismus.

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Strabismus, also known as crossed eyes, is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object. The eye which is focused on an object can alternate. The condition may be present occasionally or constantly. If present during a large part of hood, it may result in amblyopia or loss of depth perception. …

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What is Strabismus? All questions about this condition such as, types, treatments and cures are answered here in our FAQ.

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Learn more about Adult Strabismus , Eye Muscle Surgery , with treatment options available at Texas Eye Institute serving Texas , Houston , Katy TX , Sugarland . Visit our website to find out whether you are a candidate.

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Strabismus or squint is a condition in which the two eyes are not pointing in the same direction. Adjustable squint surgery is performed at Southern Ophthalmology in Sydney, also servicing in Kogarah, Miranda and Wollongong, NSW.

Strabismus Surgery. Strabismus Surgery Table of Contents. Anatomy and Actions of the Extra-ocular (Eye) Muscles; What is Strabismus? What Causes Strabismus?

Patient and Parents’ Stories and Reviews of Strabismus Surgery or Amblyopia Lazy Eye Surgery, Strabismus Surgery

Treatment of Strabismus with or without Strabismus Surgery — Non-surgical Treatment of All Types of Strabismus: Esotropia, Exotropia, Hypertropia, Lazy Eye, Pediatric, Adult

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