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This post was updated on Sept. 1, 2015: As I write in the cover story in this week’s TIME International, blood diamonds still exist, and the industry as a whole is still beset by problems over conflict, smuggling and labor. Even worse, because the existing Kimberley Process certification

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The modern era of diamond mining began in the 1860s in Kimberley, South Africa with the opening of the first large-scale diamond mine. The first diamond there was found in 1866 on the banks of the Orange River and became known as the Eureka Diamond.

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Diamond is a solid form of carbon with a diamond cubic crystal structure.At room temperature and pressure it is metastable and graphite is the stable form, but diamond almost never converts to graphite.

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Why Universal Airlines flights to Monrovia and Freetown were canceled

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A Christian pastor has discovered one of the world’s largest uncut diamonds in Sierra Leone’s Kono district. The diamond, weighing 709 carats, is now locked up in Sierra Leone’s central bank in Freetown. It is one of the 20 largest diamonds ever found. Freelance, or artisanal, miners are common in

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While the international community is working with the Central African Republic’s government and diamond companies to establish legitimate supply chains smugglers and traders are thriving in the parallel black market.

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The strategic importance of diamonds became acutely clear to both the Allies and Axis powers with the approach of the Second World War in 1939.

The “Big Hole”, Kimberley, South Africa Photo by: Irene2005, Creative Commons Kimberley Diamond Mines is also known as the “Big Hole.” This is the largest diamond mine in the world.

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