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Vita Nylon Xtra Life LYCRA® Composition: 78% Recycled Nylon, 22% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 190gsm +/- 5%. Width: 150cm +/- 2% . Vita Polyester Xtra Life LYCRA® Sublimation base

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Nylon was the first synthetic fibre to go into full-scale production and the only one to do so prior to World War II. Nylon fibres are made up of linear macromolecules whose structural units are linked by the –NH–CO– group. Nylon …

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Carr Textile offers many different services. Our dyeing capabilities include range dyeing for large dye lots with fiber reactive, vat, napthol, sulfur, and disperse dye stuffs; jig dyeing for small dye lots of 100% cottons with direct stuffs.

Nylon is very much suitable for hosiery and the knitted fabrics because of its smoothness, light weight and high strength. Nylon is a lustrous fibre. The lustre of the fibre can be modified by adding the delustering agent …

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A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn or thread).Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibres of wool, flax, cotton, hemp, or other materials to produce long strands. Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or felting.. The related words fabric and cloth are often used in textile …

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Nylon 6 is an important polyamide. It is a synthetic fiber.It is produced by the polymerization of different organic complex. The production flow chart of nylon 6 will be described in one of the blog.

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Spandex, Lycra or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber. It is a polyether-polyurea copolymer that was invented in 1958 by chemist Joseph Shivers at DuPont’s Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. When introduced in 1962, it revolutionized many areas of the …