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Nylon Flat Washers. Boker’s is a stamping manufacturer of nylon flat washers. Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers. Boker’s maintains over 5,000 stock tools for non-metallic flat washers, spacers, and shims.

RAF also offers a wide selection of non-metallic washers available in materials such as nylon, Teflon, phenolic, fiber, and others. Request a Quote Today.

For many years hobbyists and engineers have relied on Micro Fasteners’ inventory of affordably priced socket screws, machine screws, locknuts, washers, sheet metal or self tapping screws, wood screws, other fasteners and related items in U.S. and metric sizes.

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Visit the Home Depot to buy Crown Bolt #4 Nylon Washers (10-Pack) 86908

Many thicknesses. Ask about the various properties, applications and capabilities. Low/no lubrication requirement allows anti-friction bearing.

Teflon and nylon are the most common polymeric engineering materials which are used to manufacture washers. They are versatile and flexible polymers. Nylon polymers are produced by reacting an amine and dicarboxylic acid while Teflon is produced through the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene.

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Nylon Washers. New Process Fibre is unique in several ways. We believe that our ability to provide OEMs with cost-effective and innovative stamping solutions for nonmetallic parts is second-to-none.

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Washers are used in everyday applications from your refrigerator and stove, to your vehicle, and to the landing gear on a space shuttle. They usually haveā€¦

This page lists our range of various forms of washers including Flat and Spring Washers in plated steel and stainless steel, Nylon Washers, Fibre Sealing washers and Penny/Repair washers.

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Nylon Shoulder Washers: Nylon Shoulder Washers are Suitable for a Large Variety of Insulation and Mechanical Applications. They Seal Reduce Vibration