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ren who can segment and blend sounds easily are able to use this knowledge when reading and spelling. Segmenting and blending individual sounds can be difficult at the beginning. Our recommendation is to begin with segmenting and blending syllables. Once familiar with that, students will be prepared for instruction and practice with individual …

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MLPP Second Edition/2000 Proof #8 5/09/01 123 Section VII Oral Reading Rationale Oral reading provides a window for the listener …

There are several informal assessment tools for assessing various components of reading. The following are ten suggested tools for teachers to use.

What is a running record? A running record is a technique for capturing and recording oral reading behaviors (what a reader says and does), using …

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Historical Perspective. Before the National Institutes of Health began their research in the 1980’s, the only definition of dyslexia was an exclusionary one. If a ‘s difficulty with reading could not be explained by low intelligence, poor eyesight, poor hearing, inadequate educational opportunities, or any other problem, then the must be …

Choral reading (where groups of ren read the same text aloud in unison) is one of our favorite reading fluency strategies. Because of its effectiveness, teachers should find ways to incorporate choral reading into their daily classroom instruction.

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– Go to top of page (index)- Educational Diagnostic tests Reading: Test of Early Reading Ability (TERA) Measures of the reading ability of ren age 3 years, 6 months – 8 years, 6 months (does not test the ‘s readiness for reading).

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Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading Ongoing Progress Monitoring Oral Reading Fluency Grades 1-5 Blackline Master © 2009 State of Florida, Department of

1 Text Reading Efficiency Procedures – Grade 7 Please read Weekly Briefings #11725 and #11726 prior to administering the Text Reading Efficiency Placement Test.