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Types of monkeys – all different kinds of monkeys and pictures of old world monkeys, new world monkeys, apes, orangutans, big and small. What could have more character than a monkey?

Learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish. Free online activities and games for s.

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The list of mammls in the world contain some heaviest while some lightest mammals in the world and the facts show their characteristics with pictures.

Rainforest mammals list with pictures & facts. List of mammals in a tropical rainforest. Manatees to monkeys, information for s, students & adults.

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Prehistoric Mammals with fossil information about each. See Prehistoric s of Florida!

Mammals silhouettes and outlines. 2000+ fee vector images collection.

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Orangutans’ arms are well suited to their lifestyle because they spend much of their time (some 90 percent) in the trees of their tropical rain forest home.

4 by 4 Mammals Sudoku Very easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys) Easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys) 4 by 4 Mammals Sudoku: Includes Hints (blank boxes have smaller pictures to pick from)

mammal species – a list of the orders of mammalia and common species. Some facts about mammals.